Sisson/Darcy Residence




Sisson/Darcy Residence


When the owners came to visit and walk their 35 acre Buffalo Pass property, they invited us to go along. Together we found the prime location for their home and shared ideas for its design. The site was down a very steep embankment, 500 feet east of the Buffalo Pass Road and would be very difficult to access. The design of the house had to be unique to fit the site.

To access the location for the house, we designed a gentle five percent grade driveway. Through an agreement negotiated by our office, the National Forest Service allowed a 1000 foot driveway to be built on an easement across Forest property for a nominal annual fee. This allowed us to create a manageable driveway to the location we had found with the owner.

The owners wanted an open, informal Living, Dining and Kitchen area on the upper floor that would take full advantage of the view down the valley. The Master Suite and Study are at mid-level and look into the upper aspens like a tree house. They wanted a guest bedroom and office area on the lowest level to look out on the fern covered forest floor. A hot tub is recessed into the lower deck. In order to fit the topography, we placed the entry, utility, shop and garage north of the house and about four feet above the mid-level.

By walking the property with the owners, sharing ideas and listening to what they wanted, we were able to design a home that uniquely fit into the site, satisfied the owner’s program, and was well away from the noise and dust of the road.