Residential Projects

Featured Multi-Family Residential Projects



G1canyoncrkthumbCanyon Creek at Eagle Ridge,  Steamboat Springs, Colorado




Featured Single Family Residential Projects


G2murthathumbMurtha Residence,  Routt County, Colorado
Robert & Ann Murtha


G3sissonthumbSisson/Darcy Residence,  Routt County, Colorado
John Sisson & Susan Darcy


G4flintthumbRock Creek Ranch,  Routt County, Colorado
Mr. & Mrs. Sandy Flint
Log Cabin, Log Barn, and Log House


G5stearnsthumbStearns Residence – “The Place”  Rout County, Colorado
Mr. & Mrs. David Stearns


G6heckbertthumbHeckbert Residence,  Routt County, Colorado
Mr. & Mrs. James G. Heckbert


Additional Multi-Family Residential Projects


Ridgecrest Condominiums Remodel,  Steamboat Springs, Colorado


Scandinavian Lodge,  Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Third Floor Addition and Remodel
Facade Remodel


Walton Pond Apartments,  Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Phase VI – 16 Units
Phase V – 24 Units
Phase IV – 48 Units


Walton Village Condos,  Steamboat Springs, Colorado
144 Units in 9 Buildings


West Routt Housing,  Hayden, Colorado
2 Buildings, 4-Unit Buildings
Senior Citizens Housing


Additional Single Family Residential Projects


Royal Flush Vacation House Addition,  Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Rick Hill


Pierson Residence,  Routt County, Colorado
Mr. & Mrs. Lee Pierson


Wedel Residence,  Routt County, Colorado
Mark Wedel


Habitat For Humanity,  Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Donated Services


Burgess Residence,  Routt County, Colorado
Ken & Renata Burgess


Kocian Residence Addition and Remodel,  Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Mr. & Mrs. Craig Kocian


Marshall Residence,  Routt County, Colorado
Susan Marshall


Rock Creek Ranch, Office Addition,  Routt County, Coloraod
Mr. & Mrs. Robert K. Anderson


Duzik Ranch House Addition,  Moffat County, Colorado
Mr. & Mrs. Duke Duzik


LaLive Residence Addition,  Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Mr. & Mrs. Francois LaLive


Koelmel Residence,  Routt County, Colorado
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Koelmel


Yamada Residence, Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Yamada


Miller Residence,  Yampa, Colorado
Gary & Sandy Miller


Rock Creek Ranch Additions,  Routt County, Colorado
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Souders


Cox Residence,  Oak Creek, Colorado
Glenn Cox Construction


Grant Residence,  Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Don & Marsha Grant


Brozovich Residence,  Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Brozovich


Hypo-Allergenic Cabins,  Routt County, Colorado
Susan Gardner


Rosier Residence,  Jefferson County, Colorado
Mr. & Mrs. Don Rosider


Menten Residence,  Routt County, Colorado
Ron & Marilyn Mentin


Schafer/Moore Duplex,  Routt County, Colorado
Bob Schafer


Leckenby Vacation Residence,  Routt County, Colorado
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Leckenby


Day Residence,  Routt County, Colorado
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Day


Kuykendall Residence,  Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Mr. & Mrs. Gil Kuykendall


Green Residence,  Routt County, Colorado
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Green


Lundquist Residence,  Denver, Colorado
Ronald Lundquist