Hayden Congregational Church


Before Remodel


After Remodel


After Remodel, Side View



Hayden Congregational Church


We were honored to have been chosen to renovate the beloved Hayden Congregational church. Our biggest challenge was to stop the ongoing interior water damage from winter roof leaks, a problem each winter since the church was built. The congregation also wanted us to design more church space.

We discovered that a valley between the bell tower and the sanctuary on the east and the Sunday school room on the west caused the roof leak. We solved this problem by relocating the bell tower away from the building, eliminating the valley to prevent any future water damage. Although we separated the tower from the church building, we were most careful to keep the same traditional look that congregation wanted. The new addition included Sunday school rooms on the west side and a new kitchen.

Before the renovation, the exquisite wood detail on the front of the church was virtually hidden because it was the same color as the building. By changing the exterior color to a medium gray with white trim, the openings and existing wood detail became the church’s most beautiful features. We designed the new entry with wood detail to match the existing.